How to Enrich Your Journey

Daily Prayer & Meditation on God’s Word - increase the time you spend meditating on God’s Word and praying. If your devotion time is in the morning, try adding some time in the evening.

Encourage One Another - at mealtime, go around the table and take turns sharing encouragement and uplifting each other. What can you say to those you love most to build them up? Share it.

Family Culture - what is your family culture look like? Does it need an update? Gather your family to discuss what makes your family different from others. Do you play games? Like movies? Do even believe you have a family culture? Lent is the perfect time to come together and share in what makes your family unique!

Others-Minded - reach out to someone; write and send a card to someone who is sick or on their own. Words of encouragement are valued and have the power to make a much bigger impact than we even realize.

Hospitality - seek to find someone who is a widower or widow in your parish. Or someone in need. Invite them to dine with you and your family. Bless them with your time and fellowship.

Stop Spending - only purchase things that are necessary. Groceries, fuel for your car, etc., but nothing over and above. Practice gratitude for the things you already own. Involve the members of your family by making a plan and reviewing the lessons learned by committing to this during the Lent season.

Journal Through the Season - reflect on the daily readings, write down the things God is bringing to your mind. At the conclusion of the Lenten Season, review all that you have written.

Giving Jar - have a visible, physical way to collect money as a family throughout the season. Together, decide where you would like to donate your collection.

Pass The Plate - as a family, make a meal together and share it with someone in your parish, neighborhood, local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Closet Clear Out - go through your home and pack up those things that you haven’t used in a year or more. Donate gently used items to an organization in your area. A rehabilitation home, local mission or your parish for distribution to those who need the items being donated.

Family Food Drive - gather your family together and collect non-perishable items for the local food pantry. Have a little contest to see who can collect the most canned goods. Decide together what the winner will receive!